English/Complex cafe


Welcome to our store [with DOG] .

Our shop is a [Complex cafe ] with a dog  theme.

You can play with dogs.

In the dining restaurant where you can play with dogs,

There are always three to four dogs.

These dogs are our dogs, please play freely.

You can enjoy without having a dog.

They are small and cute dogs. Please be gentle(^^).

To those who came with the dog,

There are also dog haircut, dog run, dog hotel services.

There are lots of homemade dog food.

Enjoy Japan!



Rainbow Keemacurry





Address:2-4-14 Asahigaoka,Aobak-ku,SendaiCity,Miyagi,981-0904, Japan

7 days week. 10 to 6

Always open.

Except New Year’s Three-day